It’s All About Relationships

February 27, 2023
Jeff Sanders
While insurance can bring to mind images of policies and paperwork, it all comes down to relationships. A Producer's role is to understand the needs of their clients and help them find the best solutions.

Jeff Sanders is a Commercial Property and Casualty Producer out of Florida-based Acrisure Partner Gulfshore Insurance. Jeff got his start in golf and country club management but joined Gulfshore because of their strong culture of service and support and has enjoyed building relationships with clients ever since.

Brittany: Have you always worked in insurance?

Jeff: No. I actually started in the hospitality industry with a background in customer service. I was a PGA club professional, and we managed private golf clubs. I enjoyed the interaction with members and guests, but the long hours and odd schedule of the hospitality were beginning to wear on me, so I began looking to make a career transition. I knew I was strong at building relationships and providing a high level of service and narrowed my search down to commercial insurance or wealth management.

I found Gulfshore Insurance and their fantastic mentor and training program really appealed to me. I interviewed with multiple team members and knew it would be the right fit. One thing I liked about Gulfshore's training and mentorship program was spending time with each of the different departments (Marketing, Claims, Service and Sales). It is important to understand what their jobs are and what roles they plan so that I can do my job well.

Brittany: And has it been the right fit?

Jeff: Definitely. We have wonderful people and a great culture at Gulfshore. We've grown to be a large agency, but we still have an identity as a local business in the community. We have a great culture in serving and supporting our clients who are our community. 

I think that is what's different about the Acrisure model. Our partnership brings more products and options for clients through technology and scale while still maintaining the relationships that Gulfshore has had for over 50 years.

Brittany: What is your current role like?

Jeff: I am a Commercial P&C Producer, so I work with client-facing sales. I mainly work with large property risks, particularly condominium associations, and also several mid-sized to large contractors. 

Brittany: What do you like most about what you're doing now?

Jeff:  I really enjoy building relationships with clients. It's interesting every day. Every board member at a high-end condominium is a successful person and has a great story about their business and how they ended up in Southwest Florida. Every business owner I work with has built a successful business. They are great success stories and I enjoy learning about them, their careers and their businesses. There is so much knowledge and wisdom being around successful people.

Brittany: Would you encourage others to explore a career in insurance?

Jeff: Absolutely! Especially young professionals. Insurance doesn't always sound exciting or appealing at face value, but it is a huge industry and there is so much opportunity for success and growth whether you are on the sales or the service side. We are providing a vital service and product. It is a skilled profession and once you learn the skills, your employment will forever be in demand. It provides a fantastic opportunity to earn a great living to support yourself and your family. 

February is Insurance Careers Month, which raises awareness of career opportunities in insurance and celebrates the industry as a whole. Acrisure is taking part by sharing stories of colleagues who highlight why our high tech and human approach makes us a great fit for anyone interested in insurance and fintech.

If you enjoy building relationships, check out what a career with Acrisure has to offer. We have opportunities across the country, and around the world!

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