September 11, 2023
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Over 100x revenue growth in a decade . . . to some companies, this is the mountaintop and an achievement worth celebrating. To Acrisure, the Fintech company that's gone from $38M in revenue to over $4B, it’s only the beginning!


Co-founded in 2005 by Chairman and CEO Greg Williams, Acrisure is the essential platform connecting millions of clients – primarily small to midsize businesses and individuals – to solutions that help them grow and protect what matters. The types of products offered by Acrisure include Insurance via a top-6 global brokerage business, the largest independent Real Estate services company in America, a Reinsurance brokerage that has grown on a 23% compounded basis over the last five years, a top-rated Cyber Services solution, a fast-growing Mortgage Origination operation, and much more.


The founder-led company is uniquely composed of entrepreneurs who have come together with a unique purpose and the underlying conviction and commitment to make it happen. Specifically, to build a company that serves the vast wants and needs of clients . . . in the manner clients' demand. Acrisure's products and services are provided through dedicated sales and service professionals or through a one-of-a-kind technology solution. The company's commitment is to meet clients where they want to be met . . . digital or otherwise.


A "Limitless" mindset is Acrisure's internal rallying cry, which encourages colleagues to consider what is truly possible for clients and stakeholders. When you don't settle for being ordinary, the possibilities are extraordinary. Hear more about this in the "Limitless Possibilities Podcast."


Best of Humans and High Tech

Acrisure invested in Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and other tech advancements years ahead of the recent trend, which gives clients a major advantage. Whether it's interacting with a dynamic digital marketplace on with support from an Acrisure representative or interacting with a sales professional backed by technology, Acrisure's unique approach enables a seamless and successful client experience.


Acrisure's advanced technology empowers sales professionals to find new clients to serve and grow in new ways. Our highly differentiated digital platform analyzes over 140 billion data points in real-time and translates them into actionable predictions and choices. Internal AI platforms help Acrisure colleagues find new opportunities across the global network, develop risk placement strategies and find customized client solutions. This brings a distinct business development advantage.


Visit to find a solution or find other information and watch this video for a snapshot of growth, momentum and its client offering.

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