Employee Benefits

Selecting and managing an employee benefits program is likely one of the more significant financial decisions and operational processes facing your organization. Our Acrisure Partners can help guide you through the maze, assist in providing access to relevant and market-leading industry insights and help you in your selection and management of an employee benefits package that you determine is right for your organization's people and budget.


Attract and Retain Talent 

Offering an innovative and affordable employee benefits package is one of the keys to attracting and retaining talent. With Acrisure’s assistance, you will have the opportunity to access an array of intellectual capital and proprietary business intelligence tools built to leverage the strengths and insights of our Acrisure Partners and deliver to you what matters most – an employee benefits program that both your current and prospective employees can celebrate.

Manage and Control Your Spend

Our Acrisure Partners invest the time to understand your organizational objectives and help you as you architect a holistic program that incorporates your goals in a competitive, compelling and sustainable fashion. This means working with you as you deliver creative and data-driven solutions aimed to curb your organization’s health insurance costs in alignment with your long-term employee benefits strategy and organizational culture.

Stay Ahead of Compliance

The legislative and regulatory landscape governing human resources and employee benefits is highly complex. We help our clients stay ahead of the increasingly evolving compliance environment with a dedicated team of on-staff compliance professionals and a comprehensive set of compliance tools.

Deepen Employee Engagement

It’s commonly known – engaged employees can perform better and are more likely to stay with organizations longer. Our Acrisure Partners offer engagement solutions that can help your organization’s employees understand the value of their employee benefits package by, among other things, blending tech-enabled communication platforms with blue chip strategies.

Expand Your Human Resources Team

Human Resources (HR) is more than just policies and paperwork. Whether it’s helping with an employee handbook, a better understanding of compliance surrounding labor laws, or a human capital management (HCM) technology evaluation, our Acrisure Partners can deliver broad and knowledgeable HR and HCM consulting services to help protect your organization and avoid many common pitfalls.


Acrisure’s Employee Benefits Playbook

Acrisure's Employee Benefits Playbook graphic