Alternative Risk Financing

A captive insurance company can be an effective financial planning tool and alternative risk financing option for owners of middle market and larger companies. We have experience in captives and can provide insight and guidance for your organization.


What is Captive?

A captive is an insurance company that is owned (wholly or partially) by a business or a business owner that insures certain risks of that business. Once the domain of only the Fortune 500 and other larger companies, today there are thousands of captive insurance companies, many insuring successful middle market companies. Benefits of a captive may include lower insurance costs, greater transparency and control, improved cash flows, risk management improvements and greater access to coverage.


Benefits of Captive


A Collaborative Approach to Coverage from a Captive Insurance Company

Coverage from a captive insurance company is complex. Acrisure can provide the insight and guidance to help you through every step of the process. We’ll help you create the right captive insurance solution to help meet your business, strategic and financial goals. At Acrisure, we leverage AI-driven technology that models potential risk strategies to help optimize the use of capital and help you find the right balance of coverage. Better manage your risk and explore the benefits a captive insurance arrangement may provide.

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Open to learning more about captives, and exploring their potential for your organization?