Children’s Health: An Update from Greg Williams on Acrisure’s Continued Impact

November 07, 2023
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Children's health is a key focus for Acrisure's philanthropic and volunteer efforts. We've pledged more than $22 million to making a difference in the lives of patients and families through partnerships with UPMC Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Blythedale Children's Hospital in Valhalla, New York and Corewell Health Helen DeVos Children's Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Today, I'm writing with exciting updates about two of these partnerships.

Corewell Health Helen DeVos Children's Hospital Update
In late 2019, we pledged $15 million to Corewell's Helen DeVos Children's Hospital . . . however, due to Covid limitations the celebration and recognition of our gift was delayed. I'm pleased to share that yesterday we joined the team at Corewell Health to officially celebrate the Acrisure Center for Innovation in Children's Health. Our contribution has helped the hospital's dedicated medical teams develop diagnostic capabilities and accelerate research initiatives related to genetics and the vast impact and improved outcomes derived from genomic advancements. You can read more about the positive impact our gift has made in the report produced by Corewell Health.

UPMC Children's Hospital Update
Earlier this year, we pledged $7.5 million to UPMC Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh to support its world class Heart Institute. Today, I am proud to share that our contribution will support the construction of a new Heart Institute at UPMC Children's which will be home to the Acrisure Patient Unit. This expansion will support the medical team's efforts to offer modernized catheterization labs and imaging technology, a patient-centered layout to enhance the experience of families in their care and to launch a Neurodevelopmental Outcomes Program to support patients clinical, mental and behavioral health needs through their lifetime.

These partnerships represent our commitment to supporting groundbreaking research, innovative treatments and compassionate care for children and families in need. I am proud of the contribution we're making to support the miracle workers in these hospitals . . . our dollars are indeed making a difference! Our combined efforts and collective success allow these philanthropic efforts to happen, in this regard, my sincerest and most grateful "thank you" for your valuable contribution to our company and the greater society!


Greg Williams
Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO

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