Acrisure’s New York Businesses Unite to Serve Clients Across the State

August 07, 2023
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Kathleen Bradley and Brian Colby to Serve as Managing Partners of New York Region

New York, NY - August 7
- Acrisure, a global Fintech leader, today announced the formation of the Company's New York Region under the Acrisure brand. The New York Region is led by Managing Partners Kathleen Bradley and Brian Colby.

Over the last decade, Acrisure has grown from $38 million to over $4 billion in revenue and acquired more than 800 businesses around the world. Acrisure provides a wide array of client-focused solutions including Insurance, Cyber Services, Mortgage Origination and many others. In 2023, the Company kicked off efforts to bring together Partners across the country to take advantage of the expertise, technology, products and services offered to clients across different regions. Acrisure has formed New Jersey, West, and South Regions with others to form over the next few quarters.

"The New York marketplace has long been a priority and area of emphasis," said Greg Williams, Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO, Acrisure. "We are thrilled to unite our many Partners around the state under the Acrisure flag and look forward to providing our New York-based clients with the high-quality and innovative solutions they deserve and need."

As Partners, Bradley and Colby have years of experience leading Acrisure businesses.

"Having been an Acrisure Partner for many years, I've seen firsthand our impact on clients. Acrisure's ability to combine the best of humans and high tech gives our customers an unmatched advantage and helps to provide the best financial solutions possible," said Bradley. "I could not be happier to work alongside Brian and unite New York under the Acrisure name and continue to roll out the brand."

"It's an honor to co-lead the New York Region with Kathleen," added Colby. "We've already received great feedback from our Partners and are excited to introduce Acrisure to the community at a larger scale. We're excited for what the future holds for Acrisure, its New York Region and our valued clients."

About Acrisure

Acrisure is An Extraordinary Advantage℠ for millions of clients worldwide. The Company combines humans and high tech to deliver a broad array of products including Insurance, Reinsurance, Cyber Services, Mortgage Origination and more. In the last nine years, Acrisure has grown in revenue from $38 million to more than $4 billion and today employs over 16,000 colleagues in 21 countries. Acrisure expects to announce new developments in the near term. For news and updates visit or follow the Company on LinkedIn.

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