Acrisure Wins Industry Award

September 29, 2022
Acrisure 2022 Broking Initiative of the Year Award - Suvaun
In a night full of recognitions, Acrisure's benefits software solution took home a major honor. Suvaun was named the 2022 Broking Initiative of the Year by Inside P&C Honors. This award recognizes innovation that has broken boundaries in terms of originality and success and brought insurance solutions to satisfy customer demand.

"At Suvaun, we firmly believe that the future of employee benefits insurance delivery is not replacing agents with technology but empowering agents with technology," said Jimson Tharayil, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Acrisure.

"Suvaun's maturity as a software solution is squarely rooted in the Acrisure Partners, engineering and product teams actively involved in continuous feedback and improvement. I could not be prouder of this collaboration to develop a solution that now stands at the forefront of the employee benefits industry. Suvaun is a testament to Acrisure's commitment to technology, and the latest award for Acrisure in the insuretech space."

Suvaun is a web-based platform that streamlines the benefits process from end-to-end across all stakeholders and product lines. It can cut up to 80% of the time and work required for a broker to prepare a client's renewal package by seamlessly digitizing the quoting, cost modeling and enrollment process. Suvaun has expanded from a simple quoting engine in one state to a complex enterprise system supporting 25 states in two short years, addressing the needs of each unique employee benefits market and the changing landscape of the remote workforce.

Acrisure was also shortlisted for Broker of the Year, and Acrisure Partners Heather Bischoff, Vice President at The Mitchell Insurance Agency, and Kara Herring, President at Don Bullard Insurance, were shortlisted for the Women in Insurance Award.


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