Acrisure Broadens Platform with Cyber Services Division

January 20, 2022
Acrisure Broadens Platform with Cyber Services Division

Acrisure Broadens Platform with Cyber Services Division

Combines sophisticated Cybersecurity resources with innovative Cyber Risk Management


GRAND RAPIDS, MI (January 20, 2022) – Acrisure, a fast-growing fintech leader that operates a top-10 global insurance broker, announced the formation of Acrisure Cyber Services. It joins Insurance, Reinsurance, Real Estate Services and Asset Management as divisions powered by Acrisure’s technology capabilities and global distribution network.


Businesses in every industry face complex cyber risk, particularly the millions of small and midsize companies comprising much of Acrisure’s client base. Studies indicate approximately 43% of cyberattacks are aimed at small businesses. However, only 14% of small businesses are prepared to defend themselves. Additional pressures, including prolonged remote working, necessitate a complete easy to deploy solution that addresses the full spectrum of cyber risk.


“As risk advisors to millions of clients, we’ve heard countless times that cyber risk is a present and growing concern. In response, Acrisure Cyber Services delivers a solution for the full spectrum of cyber risk, from insurance to cybersecurity and data recovery,” said Greg Williams, Co-Founder, CEO and President of Acrisure. “We are excited to bring this new capability to market alongside our growing suite of products and services.”


Acrisure Cyber Services offers businesses an all-in-one solution addressing the most critical risks posed by cyberattacks:

• Risk Assessments: Real-time vulnerability scans enabling clients to see their organization’s cyber risks as hackers do.
• Insurance: Innovative coverage through an experienced, global and top-ten broker.
• Security & Antivirus: Streamlined deployment of advanced, AI-based security solutions that provide real-time threat prevention, detection and response.
• Recovery: Critical infrastructure in the wake of an attack, such as ransomware response, searchable back-ups and business resumption (revenue security).


Cyber Services Leadership
Acrisure’s new division is led by Bill Meara, an entrepreneur whose prior companies generated in total over $5 billion in revenue. He joins Acrisure from Private Equity fund Abry Partners, where he served as an Operating Partner. Prior, Bill founded two of the largest US based out-of-home advertising companies and from 2013 to 2020 served as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Access Sports Media (ASM) in partnership with Columbia Capital. His experience will be invaluable in articulating an often-complex challenge facing millions of businesses.


“Cyber risk is the greatest threat to small and midsize businesses, and no solution matches the speed, scale and simplicity of our offering,” said Meara, President of Acrisure Cyber Services. “As an entrepreneur and now leader at a dynamic and diversified Company in Acrisure, I understand the challenges facing today’s business owner. With our world class team, I’m motivated to deliver our 360-degree solution and provide our customers further peace of mind.”


Joining Meara is Adam Abresch, EVP of Cyber Solutions, who leads Acrisure’s Cyber Insurance Practice and has been recognized as a NetDiligence Rising Star. Other members of the team include Michael Amaral, Chief Revenue Officer, and Queena Kim, Director of Operations. Michael and Queena bring over 20 years of experience in Fintech and related industries.


“Adam, Michael and Queena are an unmatched team within the technology vertical. Under Greg’s leadership and with the full support of our Partners, Acrisure Cyber Services is poised to deliver exponential growth,” continued Meara.


About Acrisure
Acrisure specializes in intelligence-driven financial services, providing a broad array of products including Insurance, Reinsurance, Asset Management, Real Estate Services, and Cyber Services. The Company has grown revenue from $38 million to more than $3 billion in just over eight years and has locations in nine countries. Acrisure is the intelligence-driven financial services distribution platform of the future. Find out more at


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