Acrisure Partners are entrepreneurs backed by innovative technology and a global team.

We provide our Partners with global resources, industry-leading technologies and tools, enhanced contracts, and a culture focused on collaboration and continuous innovation.


Acrisure Partners

We have rewritten the rules of growth through our transformation to a tech-driven financial services distribution platform. We partner with growing businesses and scale that growth through advanced tools
and technology. Our standards are high, and our unyielding pursuit of excellence yields industry-leading results.

Technology Advantage

We develop products, tools and other solutions to provide greater offerings and service to clients. In 2020,
we acquired the insurance business from artificial intelligence company Tulco, LLC, and launched Acrisure
Technology Group. We augment Partners’ entrepreneurial drive with artificial intelligence and tools to
generate inbound leads and help producers:

• Efficiently identify new clients

• Unearth insights about current clients’ coverage

• Deepen trust with clients and provide solutions that are more uniquely tailored to their needs



We provide Partners with unrivaled services, culture and support, such as AI and advanced technology platforms, business services like accounting, payroll and employee benefits, legal and regulatory counseling, marketing support and more. As a result, new Acrisure Partners average almost 2% margin expansion after joining Acrisure.

Better Together

As a company that’s grown 100x in just over eight years, we know what it means to create immense value. We’ve achieved 58% more organic growth than our industry average and through innovative technology and enhanced financial services capabilities for clients, there truly are Limitless Possibilities together.

What we do over time may change... How we do what we do should never change.

-Gregory L. Williams, Co-Founder, CEO and President


The Acrisure Advantage

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Partner Locations

Acrisure has over 1,000 global locations with a shared passion for Limitless Possibilities and customer success. Powered by cutting-edge technology, Acrisure's exceptional partnerships create value across the financial services industry.

  • $4.1 billion Pro Forma Revenue
  • Over 1,000 locations globally
  • 21 countries

Partner with Acrisure

Be part of a culture of empowerment. Partner with fellow entrepreneurs and harness industry-leading tools to unlock limitless growth within your agency.