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Empowerk HR Consulting gives leadership and HR teams the tools, resources and support they need to help protect and grow their businesses.

Empowerk HR Consulting Services
Dedicated HR Partner
You will be connected with our team of HR Pros, who will serve as your organization's HR partners, and help guide you work toward reaching its HR compliance and strategic goals.

Collaborative Approach
When you engage with our team, we bring additional resources to the table for you to access. Our business partners include ERISA and labor attorneys, financial advisors, and more.

Milestone Markers
Throughout the HR Complete process, our HR Pros will personalize their services by recognizing your organization’s progress towards implementing its HR Action Plan, meeting milestones, and accomplishing its goals.

Tailored Relationship
No client is the same. Our HR Pros help develop content and consult with this attitude in mind, ensuring you’re receiving guidance and best practices tailored for your organization’s needs.

Custom Documentation
We can work with you to help create a custom Employee Handbook, offer letters, corporate policies, and other HR materials, tailored to the specific needs of your organization.

Senior Leadership Coaching
We host trainings for your organization’s employees, supervisors, executives, and HR team on a host of industry-related topics. They can be delivered in-person or virtually.

Strategic Plan
Our team can develop strategic tools and resources to help foster a more productive and  efficient workplace, attract and retain great employees, and build a positive culture.

Ongoing Improvements
Trying to maximize your team’s productivity? Dealing with a difficult situation? We can be a resource for your organization. All you need to do is pick up the phone and ask.
How Empowerk HR Consulting Works
1. Compliance
Once the initial Action Plan is in place, our HR Pros will schedule meetings to begin executing it. The first priority is compliance — addressing the risk of potential fines or lawsuits, which can be devastating. Your Acrisure team will help develop custom materials and train your organization’s staff on key HR functions, practices, and requirements.

2. Strategic Planning
For businesses today, compliance is only half the HR story. Once compliance issues are addressed, our HR Pros shift focus from protection to value creation. Your HR Pros will develop strategic tools to help your organization foster a productive, efficient workplace, attract and retain great employees, and build a company culture that accomplishes your business goals.

3. Ongoing Improvements
After the building blocks are in place, our HR Pros will work with you to continually develop, update, and refine your organization's HR processes, incorporating the latest best practices and helping address any regulatory changes.
Why Acrisure?

With a vast network of Partners, global resources, industry-leading technology and tools, preferred contractual arrangements, and a culture focused on collaboration and continuous innovation, Acrisure connects you to expertise that help you access a custom solution that is right for you.

Our intelligence-driven approach to matching you with your ultimate solution allows us to speed decision-making in key areas, resulting in a faster, yet fully customized client experience.

About Empowerk HR Consulting

We help power the business of people by revolutionizing support for compliance and best practices for the modern workforce. We're a values-driven HR team, which means our work is motivated by our four core commitments:

1. Care for others

2. Make it easy

3. Be down to earth

4. Keep the bar high

Above all else, we give HR a seat at the table.

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Our HR Pros are able to customize HR solutions to help your organization thrive while delivering tailored person-to-person service.

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