What Is Personal Liability Coverage?

September 06, 2022
A broken leg requiring a personal liability insurance claim

Insurance is a way to protect people, property, and more from financial consequences when something goes wrong. One important type of insurance protection comes through personal liability coverage. This type of insurance allows you to protect your home, your property, and the people who visit your home. Personal liability coverage can help you protect what matters most.

What Is Personal Liability Coverage?

Personal liability coverage is insurance that covers bodily injury and property damage that occurs in your home or on your property. If an accident happens to someone at your home—like someone falling down the stairs—there will be costs associated with the medical bills and other fees that could add up quickly and lead to financial difficulties. Essentially, the costs would all have to be covered out of pocket, and that could lead to problems. Personal liability insurance is a way to cover those costs to protect your home and finances if an accident does happen.

Personal liability coverage also extends to protecting your family. This insurance covers damages that protected individuals are responsible for. So if a covered individual throws a baseball through a neighbor's window, personal liability coverage insurance would pay for the expense of repairing the window.

Because personal liability insurance is designed to protect you, it's important to make sure you always have the right coverage. Acrisure can help you find the right insurance for you to help you get started protecting your home, family, business, auto, and visiting guests.

What Does Personal Liability Insurance Typically Cover?

Personal liability insurance is designed to protect your home and family. These are the specific instances that this type of insurance covers:

  • Medical bills for bodily injury sustained on or in your property or home
  • Legal expenses for lawsuits to recover damages for an accident on your property
  • Bodily injury caused by negligence from a covered member of the policy
  • Property damage caused by negligence from a covered member of the property
  • Bodily injury or property damage caused by covered pets (including dog bites)

What Is Typically Not Covered Under Personal Liability Insurance?

While personal liability coverage protects you against many potentially serious and costly expenses, it doesn't cover everything. Personal liability insurance does not cover:

  • Bodily injury or property damage from a car accident (this expense is covered by auto liability insurance) 
  • Bodily injury caused intentionally by a covered individual 
  • Property damage caused intentionally by a covered individual 
  • Bodily injury or property damaged from a business related incident
  • Bodily injury sustained by a covered individual 


While personal liability insurance is available as a standalone policy, it can also be included with a homeowners insurance policy. Know that the personal liability coverage within a homeowners policy typically covers claims of bodily injury and property damage sustained by others for which you or your family members living in the household are responsible. Renters may seek a renters personal liability insurance policy, as well. 


For car accidents and business-related insurance claims, those are covered under separate insurance policies. For injuries sustained by covered individuals, those expenses are covered by health insurance policies rather than your personal liability insurance. All intentional damages won't be covered by the policy either since it requires that the damage come from negligence. So something like vandalism by a covered person to a neighbor's property wouldn't be covered.

Overall, personal liability coverage is a way to protect yourself, your home, your guests, and your family from potential costly expenses from accidents in your home. It also can protect your family if they accidentally cause bodily harm or property damage when they're away from home. Accidents happen, but you can prepare by using Acrisure to find personal lines of insurance from the right local agency today. Contact us to get started.


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