The Official Insurance and Cybersecurity Partner of the Pittsburgh Steelers

Steelers and Acrisure Announce Partnership for Stadium Naming Rights.

The partnership includes community initiatives aimed at providing a deep connection for Acrisure in the Pittsburgh community and brand recognition both locally and nationally to support Acrisure's continued growth.

"The Pittsburgh Steelers are an institution in American sports and a globally recognized brand. Partnering with the Steelers is a tremendous honor."

"Through Acrisure Stadium, we will help increase awareness of the extraordinary advantage Acrisure brings our clients while conveying our strong sense of community. Relatedly, we are eager to invest in the Pittsburgh community and broader region as we chart our course to an unforgettable first season. This relationship truly embodies and aligns two organizations that have high standards and are determined to achieve great things." - Greg Williams, Acrisure Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO.



What is Captive?

A captive is an insurance company that is owned (wholly or partially) by a business or a business owner that insures certain risks of that business. Once the domain of only the Fortune 500 and other larger companies, today there are thousands of captive insurance companies, many insuring successful middle market companies. Benefits of a captive may include lower insurance costs, greater transparency and control, improved cash flows, risk management improvements and greater access to coverage.