SWIM Inc. New York Metro Area [New York]

Strategic Wellness & Insurance Management Services Inc. (SWIM) President Jeffrey R. Ungvary, his daughter Holly, and wife Jennifer started a GoFundMe to provide lunches from local eatery Park Place Bagels to staff at Lawrence Hospital in Bronxville, NY.

Said Jennifer: “The 225 staff members at Lawrence Hospital are putting in 14 hour days and are at capacity helping patients suffering from COVID-19. We cannot do enough for them.”

Said Holly: “I have been working with Mayor Mary Marvin as well as the Junior League of Bronxville, who both have programs running to help feed the frontlines in our area. I was inspired by a campaign started by people in my hometown of Garden City, NY, where their GoFundMe for Winthrop Hospital raised $115,000. I spoke at length with the woman who organized and it has inspired many other campaigns across the country.”

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