Retirement Services

Helping organizations of all sizes manage, benchmark, and implement retirement plans is core to our business. While 401(k)’s for small-business owners and corporate America are most common , we can also manage plans for nonprofits, higher education and public sector entities.

Our robust value proposition focuses our attention on a variety of areas. Fiduciary risk management, ERISA plan compliance, professional employee education and communications are critical aspects of all our engagements. We use Fi360 to empower plan sponsor to offer plan participants a diversified portfolio of mutual funds. Non-fiduciary services include vendor coordination, participant education and supporting the administrative role for plan sponsors. We benchmark and negotiate 3rd party service provider administrative fees for you. Chadler Investment Advisory Solutions, in our role as Investment Advisor to a Qualified Plan, serves as co- fiduciary under ERISA and we put that in writing.

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