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May 15, 2023
Rising Interest Rates - Viewpoints
The Federal Reserve increased interest rates again earlier this month in an attempt to fight inflation - marking the tenth consecutive raise and a 16-year high. This in turn causes mortgage rates to rise, helping create strong headwinds in the real estate market.

Existing homeowners have been reluctant to sell and lose their pre-pandemic low interest rates, leading to an overall housing shortage. There are a variety of additional challenges facing the industry, from inflation to bank sector volatility to overall economic conditions. Despite these factors, there are ways to help save and add value to your real estate transactions.

"We're leading with the stability and conviction we have for the business," said Ben Black, Chief Operating Officer of Acrisure Title Insurance. "We're here to deliver the highest levels of service."

Did You Know: Acrisure Runs the Largest Independent Title Insurance Agency Operation in the Country?

From guidance through the process to the celebration and ceremony of closing with a title insurance agency, relationships are the cornerstone of real estate transactions.

"We're more focused than ever on what we know is important to our clients: communication at every step of the process and establishing connection with everyone we work with," said Jim Campbell, CEO of Acrisure Partner Title Alliance. "We can't control the market, but we can be a significant partner and provide value in the process."

"Exceptional service has been our calling card for 35 years," said Joseph Willen, President and CEO of Acrisure Partner Advantage Title. "We add value by putting clients and prospects together with others who they can do business with - developers, lenders, attorneys, hospitality, distressed debt, affordable housing and multi-family experts, etc. When they do business together, we do their title work and we become a valuable resource for them."

Helping Simplify Your Experience Through Technology

Real estate transactions can often be complex as you try to navigate rising mortgage rates and find the best prices and policies for title insurance and homeowners/property insurance.

Acrisure companies are disrupting this process by pairing personal insurance offerings with mortgage transactions through technology. You can experience for yourself on our website and receive personalized quotes for insurance solutions online, often saving you both time and money.

This unique pairing of trusted Title advisors alongside industry-leading technology can help bring you an advantage even as interest rates continue to rise. Interested in learning more about what Acrisure has to offer? Contact us today to learn about our customized solutions.


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