Bridging the Gap Between Benefits and Brokers

October 10, 2022
Convivial Brands

Introducing Convivial Brands

For 35 years, Convivial Brands has helped companies tell their story through event planning, branding campaigns and artisan products that bring energy and excitement to personal and home environments. Together under five sub-brands, Convivial Brands connects people and turns occasions into celebrations, all to realize their mission to Make Life Better - which is why it was paramount for them to also provide the very best benefits to their own employees. They recognized that taking care of their customers starts with taking care of their own team first.


The Challenge at Hand

Prior to partnering with Acrisure, Convivial Brands' benefits varied between each sub-brand, creating a headache for their internal teams and a less cohesive benefits strategy overall. Additionally, many of their internal systems were run manually, putting added stress on HR.


That's where Acrisure came in.


Acrisure Partner Acrisure Benefits Group (ABG) helped find a solution to Convivial Brands' need to consolidate their five sub-brands under one sound benefits package that addressed the following requirements:

  • Multi-state experience and specific coverage for each sub-brand
  • One centralized hub for their summary plan description (SPD)
  • A new precedent setting open enrollment session
  • Guidance on navigating the Affordable Care Act


After the discovery phase, ABG and Convivial Brands worked together to formulate a strategic plan that pointed back to their overarching offer: make life better.


Going Above and Beyond

Transparency between organizations and their team members is invaluable for employee retention. The ability to streamline Convivial Brands' benefit offerings for all employees helped them boost employee retention, saving time, money and top talent. Looking ahead, ABG will continue an open line of communication with their internal team so that their benefits are clear and concise, and their employees find value in their overall position with Convivial Brands.


"Acrisure portrays proactive expertise and is consistently ahead of the curve of providing best practices."

- Mary Dale, CHRO Convivial Brands



Acrisure Benefits Group (ABG)

ABG combines the strategic and tactical value of brokerage services with the talent and resources of a consulting firm. They operate with a simple, effective business process. First, they model your current program strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, and then design a plan around your organizational objectives. From there, they execute and track the measurable continuously, and then inspire employees to take ownership in their health associated costs so they can fully understand the total value of their benefits program.



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