Acrisure Delivers Competitive Coverage for Storied Sports Media Group

June 06, 2023
810 WHB
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Trusted Companies Need Trusted Solutions

Union Broadcasting is a locally owned media group that operates 810 WHBam, the third largest radio signal in the United States covering five states and nearly 43,000 square miles. 810 WHB has been entertaining and informing listeners about Kansas City sports for over 100 years, making it one of the oldest radio stations in the country.

As one of the most trusted voices in sports media, the team at Union Broadcasting knew they needed that same trust in their employee benefits with a partner that could understand their needs and provide them with the right solution.

That search led them to a local Acrisure Partner in Kansas City.

"We've been working with Scott Hallier and his team for close to 20 years, and it's been a great partnership since day one," said Chad Boeger, CEO and President of Union Broadcasting.

A Relationship Built on Trust and Transparency

Now almost two decades later, Union Broadcasting employees continue to receive enhanced medical benefits at competitive costs. Boeger cites the immense trust that comes with Acrisure's exceptional customer service and a genuinely caring, company-first approach.

That trust extends throughout the organization, as their employees feel empowered to stay current on their coverage benefits.

"Every time we have a question, they have an answer. With the meetings that they put on for our group and the explanations and education they give...they do an excellent job at making sure people understand the why. I feel like our staff understands and are better educated, and it's because of Scott and his team," said Chad Boeger, CEO and President of Union Broadcasting.

No matter what industry you work in or what problems you are looking to solve, our Partners are doing the hands-on work every day to serve our clients and provide them with innovative solutions.

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