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    What Is Flood Insurance?

    Whether you live in a coastal town, near a body of water, or even in a land-locked city, floods can happen in any location that receives rain. While rain can be unpredictable, your coverage for flood damages doesn’t have to be. Flood insurance generally covers losses caused by more severe types of water destruction, like heavy rain, snow melt, and severe storms.

    With Acrisure and Partners specializing in flood insurance, you can get the right coverage for your needs. We can help you find a flood insurance solution that’s right for your needs by matching you to the right insurer and helping you access a personalized insurance solution.

    Whatever your risk management needs, our network of insurance professionals supported by AI technology ensures that you get matched to the right coverage quickly and efficiently.

    What Does Flood Insurance Typically Cover?

    Flood insurance generally provides coverage for both the structure of the home (building coverage) and personal property in case of flood damage (content coverage).

    Flood insurance policies typically cover losses caused by flood to:

    • Electrical and plumbing systems
    • Furnaces and water heaters
    • Refrigerators, cooking stoves, and built-in appliances like dishwashers
    • Permanently installed carpeting
    • Permanently installed cabinets, paneling, and bookcases
    • Window blinds
    • Foundation walls, anchorage systems, and staircases.
    • Detached garages
    • Fuel tanks, well water tanks and pumps, and solar energy equipment

    There are typical exclusions to consider as well. Flood insurance generally excludes coverage for losses to decks and patios, seawalls, fences, hot tubs and pools, property outside of the insured building, wells, septic systems, currency, landscaping, jewelry and papers like stock certificates.

    Why Acrisure?

    With a vast network of Partners, global resources, industry-leading technology and tools, preferred contractual arrangements, and a culture focused on collaboration and continuous innovation, Acrisure connects you to expertise that help you access a custom solution that is right for you.

    Our intelligence-driven approach to matching you with your ultimate solution allows us to speed decision-making in key areas, resulting in a faster, yet fully customized client experience.

    Do I need Flood Insurance?
    Being a homeowner can be complicated and expensive. What would happen if your basement flooded? What would happen with more severe flooding that impacted floors of your home? Consider what you would need to repair and replace. Without the right flood insurance, any one of these incidents could be financially devastating. At Acrisure, we want to help match you to the right coverage. Request a quote now to get started!

    Common Flood Insurance Questions

    • Q. Does homeowners insurance cover flood damage?
      Most standard homeowners insurance policies don’t cover flood damage claims. If a property owner lives in a designated flood zone or an area that is prone to flooding, they may be required to purchase flood insurance by their lender.
    • Q. How much does flood insurance cost?

      The costs for flood insurance depend on several factors, including the age and construction type of the home, whether the property is located in a flood risk zone, and insurance coverage levels, among others. Contact Acrisure to be connected to an insurance professional that can help you access a personalized solution that is right for you.

    • Q. Does federal disaster assistance pay for flood damage?
      Even if a homeowner does not have flood insurance, they may be able to get limited federal disaster assistance for flood damage. However, federal disaster assistance is only available if the President formally declares a disaster. Furthermore, federal disaster assistance is provided as a loan which must be paid back with interest. Flood insurance, however, will typically cover damages even if a disaster has not been declared.
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