Brook Smith of Smith Manus: Louisville [Kentucky]

The President of Smith Manus, Kentucky-based entrepreneur and philanthropist Brook Smith, is leading his agency’s efforts to support the local community and small business owners impacted by COVID-19. According to Mr. Smith in a recent interview in the Times of Entrepreneurship, “It’s these small business that are the vertebrae of the backbone…They are the ones we speak of, relish, but unfortunately the ones we unintentionally forget in moments like these – though there’s never been a moment like this.”

In response, Mr. Smith donated to a loan fund that launched this week in Louisville, Ky. It was organized by a community development financial institution, LHOME, a local impact fund called Render Capital, the economic development agency, and the Chamber of Commerce. With $900,000 to start, the fund aims to provide 12-month 0% interest loans up to $25,000 to small businesses with fewer than 10 people located in Jefferson County, Ky. The loans are renewable for five years at low interest rates. Community volunteers are doing some of the loan servicing.

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