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Acrisure’s success is due to our unique model, powered by an alignment of interests with our Acrisure Partners. Explore below to hear directly from fellow insurance entrepreneurs about what it’s like to unlock limitless growth.

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It takes a little while to sit on the same side of the table as people and agencies with whom you've competed forever. . . But it's awesome because everybody has something different to bring to the table. It's proving to be a really positive thing. For example, we recently lost our surety partner. And immediately we have a ton of resources to go to. There’s no blip on the screen, no impact on clients. Now, together with a few other agencies, we’re realizing we don’t all need a surety producer in our offices. So we’re talking about sharing combined resources – one person to work for several of us. It makes a lot of sense, but is something we never would have been able to do before.

Jennifer Anderson, Bozzuto Insurance

Acrisure is a true disrupter. The simplicity is genius in that it allows the independence and that entrepreneurial spirit to still flourish and that's what makes it a differentiator. . .  And we can tap that entrepreneurial spirit through a technology platform that's unique to the industry. It is a game changer.

Lew Bernstein, Signature B&B

I've been in the industry for a long time and having been around a number of different agencies through different national programs that we belong to, I was able to consult and talk with a lot of different agency owners over the years and when we joined Acrisure it was interesting to see that some of those best agencies that I used to talk to and work with were also members of Acrisure. So I feel like coming over to Acrisure has really allowed us to become a part of a bigger, better team. People that I've respected for years through the years and just love the comradery and the partnership with them.

Doug Bollman, Taggart Insurance

We’ve experienced significant growth since we became an Acrisure partner. I can look at about three different areas that really made the big difference. Our expenses actually did go down. We were able to renegotiate our commissions, which went up significantly. And we were able to close accounts that never would have been able to close, thanks to some of the Home Office resources available. So, we experienced a huge growth in revenue and a huge growth in profit.

Dan Bozzuto, Bozzuto Insurance

Well, I'm from Missouri and I didn't think they were going to really let me run my own show. And although a number of my colleagues in the area told me, "Jim, nothing's going to change," I didn't believe them. But I went with them and lo and behold, they weren't lying to me. It was the truth. They've allowed us ... We have the same executive team, same management team, same folks in place, and we've grown the business, significantly grown the business. And I think we've used the Acrisure model to our advantage in a big way.

Jim Metzger, The Whitmore Group

We, as employees of Acrisure have a responsibility every day to wake up and ask ourselves, “How can we grow today?” The good news is it's never been easier. As the fastest growing agency, we have momentum; no one's ever grown at this pace. Within Acrisure, there are a bunch of amazing people that have all kinds of talent or expertise. Connect yourself with another Agency Partner, introduce them to your client, and good things will happen.

Brian Cote, 44 North

Around the same time we joined Acrisure, one of our existing clients issued a RFP. . . Monarch itself is not an agency that typically goes after RFP business. More often than not, the companies in Hawaii that do RFPs are larger companies who prefer to work with national shops. With this understood, we have shied away from chasing RFP business and the time commitment involved. After becoming an Acrisure Agency Partner, we shifted gears a little. Now, we are actually in a position to call out the benefits of our size and win cornerstone Hawaiian RFPs. As a small local boutique, we understand what it means to run a business here in Hawaii and we also have the depth of a big company that stands behind us.

Brigitte Egbert, Monarch Insurance

Honestly, Acrisure is one of a kind. I talk to several people all of the time and they ask me, "Why Acrisure?" Honestly, it's because the culture. It's the culture, it's the people, it's obviously Greg Williams, who shook my hand and told me what he was going to do. Through and through, he's done exactly what he said he's going to do.In the last year, what's made me proudest is the growth that we've had, contributed to... Not solely but a lot because of the relationships that have been built through the Acrisure network and platform. It's been easy to get these agency partners to help us and they've done a phenomenal job. When we call they're always helpful. Nobody says no. From there on, it's just been successful and the growth has been phenomenal.

Paul Zizzo, RRL Insurance

Our producers tell me time and time again how excited they are to be part of Acrisure and to be able to collaborate with producers that have access to clients or prospects that they've been trying to write for years. In our region, it's tough, but we have opportunity to really leverage the relationships of other Acrisure partners and generate a significant amount of revenue.

Lori Green, IBTX

Yeah. No limits is certainly a foundational principle for Acrisure. And it, it's exhibited no place better than the fact that we can expand our own capabilities, our own expertise, our own geographic reach, without investing any dollars in expanding our own particular agency's workforce.

Bill Wesley, The Campbell Group

The more you can tap into the resources Acrisure has and collaborate – attend agency conferences, connect with Agency Partners in your area or outside your area, unlock new business opportunities or ideas – the more you're going to benefit yourself and your agency. We are a P&C shop, and are working hard to build a relationship with a new Agency Partner on the benefits side, located just right down the street. They’re a great group of people. Together, we’ve closed eight deals. I would recommend that new Agency Partners go out and find somebody that complements what you do and partner with them, because there's so much money we're leaving on the table.

Dave Jacobson, Patriot Risk

Acrisure was there for support. And Acrisure corporate isn't beating on our door, isn't looking over our shoulder. But when you call and you ask for support, at a snap of a finger they're there. Everyone was rock stars. In our move, in our merge; in everything we’ve done, and it’s been a huge, huge benefit to have all those resources that are being built and put into place on the corporate level, so we can continue to run our agency the way we always have.

Keith Verisario, Presidio

The unprecedented growth is something certainly to be proud of. I've told some of my non-industry friends about how fast Acrisure has grown. They almost can't believe it. I’ve explained how the model works and why it's sustainable for the growth, why we think it's going to continue to grow, and I'm very proud of that. I mean I'm proud to be part of it. I don't know of anybody else in the industry that has that kind of story to tell.

Larry Kalior, TIB

Acrisure does it right. I've never been so motivated to go out and work." We were definitely motivated before, but it just was this renewed energy of getting up out of bed and going out and doing what we do. I think that the Acrisure partnership gave us some direction, allowed us to get out of a couple of things that we weren't experts in but that we felt that our clients needed, needed us to help them in those arenas, and we were able to send those off to the different experts within Acrisure. It just gave us this renewed energy of going out and doing what we love to do.

Brian Hillier, Benefit Health Advisor

When we joined Acrisure in January of 2015, there were three partners involved: myself, Bryan and Justin. And we all had our reasons for choosing Acrisure. Early on, we sensed the feeling of collaboration, and we’ve seen it in action. Being part of Acrisure has opened so many more doors for me when it comes to prospecting. I've got tools at my fingertips I never had before, whether it's through other agency partners or even internal resources like the compliance team, the benefits side, the technology side. What Acrisure’s somehow done is take a bunch of entrepreneurs and played all of our strengths.

Steve Merten, Larkin Group

It's been a bit of a whirlwind, but on the other hand it's been business as usual. One thing I've noticed with our team is that they're so inspired now to go to the next level, and we now have a bigger engine that we strapped on our back called Acrisure. So this, the culture of HNI, our culture, hasn't changed a bit. But we feel like we have a little bit more power on our backpack, and being part of a such a fast-growing company every day is really kind of cool.

Mike Natalizio, HNI Insurance

One of the best parts of Acrisure is they just kind of leave you alone. We're an entrepreneurial model, and Acrisure is a platform that you can leverage to benefit your business. Remaining an entrepreneur allows me and my team to continue to serve our customers in the manner that they're used to. There’s no change in culture, no name change, no employee change. The only change we needed was to have a change in mindset around our potential for growth.

John Nichols, Insurance Wholesale Solutions

Due to our age, one thing that’s important to us is having a strong perpetuation program in place. We've always been family controlled but we don't have kids that are old enough to continue the company beyond where we're at right now. As young people come up in our company, we want to ensure they still feel there’s an opportunity to become a part of a larger organization and work towards a greater goal. Acrisure got that, and our partnership will allow our company to continue growing and allow our young people to move forward and grow. They actually have the ability to have a future with the company and be part of the long-term solution.

Chris O’Neill, Beach & O’Neill

I’d heard horror stories about folks that had sold their agencies. They may have padded their bank account, but everything within the agency changed and ultimately, it just was a pretty unpleasant process. That has not been the case with Acrisure. Acrisure has exceeded expectations, creating a model where you maintain that entrepreneurial spirit while at the same time become a part of something bigger and greater. As an Acrisure partner, you're still an entrepreneur. You can maintain your identity and you get the benefit of saying you're a part of this big amazing thing that is rewriting the record books.

Brook Smith, Smith-Manus

Everything that Acrisure promised really materialized in the end. Not that there's always a direct line, because life is full of unexpected obstacles, but we got there, and we get there every time. They did what they said they were going to do. Now, my obligation as an Acrisure shareholder, to the success of the overall group, is to stay on my A-game. I've got to do everything I can to position myself and everybody around me to be able to win.

Lynne Wallace, VANTREO

Acrisure is putting all the naysayers in their proper place. The proof is in our accomplishments. . . We're the only broker of this size that has true entrepreneurial spirit in our blood. We take successful agencies and help them to be more successful. Then, we have access to different resources across all of our Agency Partners. You have these experts in field and they're not your competitors; they're actually your business partners. That's huge.I've been all in, financially, from day one. I still own the same amount of stock in Acrisure as I did in 2010, haven’t taken even a nickel out. It keeps me committed. I wouldn't do that if I didn’t believe so strongly in Acrisure’s future – in what our vision is and continuing that vision.

Jerry Whitaker, Whitaker LaChance

We've been four generations in the industry. Joining Acrisure was actually a really easy decision for us right away as we saw how seamless and streamlined everything was. Now, we get to focus on our work, just continue to produce business as we did before our “go live” date.

Chrisanthi Demetriou White, DGA

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